Saturday, January 12, 2013

Writer's Challenge: January 2013

Today, I am issuing the first Writer's Challenge of the Year. Each month, I am going to post a different topic/inspiration/idea with a set of guidelines, and ANYONE who fancies can participate by submitting their "answer" to my challenge! Writers, get your pens in hand, and get ready to work out those brains!

Dear Abby: I Wrote a Short Story...

...based off of one of your letters! Dear Abby letters range from mundane to ridiculous, but regardless the content, are chock full of inspiration for Creative Writing Exercises. So, using a Dear Abby letter as inspiration (the web is loaded with years worth of these babies), write a story (from 1-5 pages in length), and see how creative you can be!
Submit your stories to, along with a link to the article you used as reference, by January 31st . The stories will be posted in mid-February! Anyone who participates will go into a raffle to win a mystery prize :) The winner and the prize will also be revealed on the same day.
So, happy writing, everyone, I hope to get plenty of participants!
~ Bjean


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    1. I am really hoping that this can turn into something both fun and constructive...there is nothing like a good old creative writing challenge to combat writer's block, jumpstart the imagination, or even just to fend off boredom!