Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Korean-Style Fajitas and Garlicky Green Beans

Happy New Year 2013, to my dear readers! As you may know, in light of the new year, I have been making plans to revitalize my blog, and up the health factor in my life, and in honor of those resolutions, I am posting, today, the first recipe I have created for 2013: Today's Lunch! Craving something fresh and balanced, I made some Korean-style fajitas, and on the side, had garlicky green beans. I made two servings, one for me, and one for my husband, Christopher, but it should be easy enough to expand the recipe for however many servings you need. (I think you will find this to be a balanced meal, with three vegetables, one protein, and one starch.)
For Fajitas
Eight strips of fajita-cut steak Half a yellow bell pepper Six leaves of romaine lettuce Two medium flour tortillas 1/2 tsp. gochujang (Korean chili paste) Dash of light soy sauce Drizzle of olive oil
For Garlicky Green Beans
Two servings of fresh green beans One clove of garlic Drizzle of olive oil
1) Take the steak strips, and thoroughly coat them in the Korean chili paste and soy sauce. Let them sit in a bowl while you prep your vegetables.
2) Slice the bell pepper into strips, set aside.
3) Remove ends from green beans, set aside.
4) Finely chop garlic clove, set aside.
5) Add a drizzle of olive oil to two small frying pans.
6) Allow oil to heat over medium, add garlic to one, this will be your green bean pan.
7) After garlic lightly browns, add the green beans to the fry pan.
8) Add the steak and yellow bell pepper strips to the other fry pan.
9) Cook beans until fork tender, and steak until to your preferred level of doneness.
10) Drain extra liquid from steak.
11) Lay lettuce on tortillas (3 leaves on each).
12) Divide the Steak and peppers among the two tortillas.
13) Serve green beans on side.
14) Roll fajitas and enjoy!


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