Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iced Chai Cinnamon Tea

Sometimes, even in the midst of a New York winter, one craves something cold and refreshing. My new favorite is Iced Chai Cinnamon Tea! I use my Teavana Infusion Pitcher, but a regular pitcher can be utilized if you have a coffee filter and a twist tie!


1) Chai teabags or loose leaf tea
2) 1 cinnamon stick
3) warm water
4) Agave nectar or honey for sweetener


1) Put tea in the a) infusion basket in pitcher or b) in a coffee filter, cinched closed with a twist tie
2) Pour warm water over the tea in pitcher
3) Add cinnamon stick to tea
4) Refrigerate overnight
5) Serve, and sweeten in glass if desired

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